Asking for Help

I hope your 2023 has been good so far. Here’s my March newsletter, in which I share how vulnerable it can be to ask for help, and then I ask for a little bit of help. As always, there’s a writing prompt plus updates on workshops and my other goings-on.

Asking for Help

Have a great rest of March and a lovely Spring or Fall depending on your hemisphere!

For every-other-month writings on creativity, writing prompts, and updates on the goings-on of my solo shows, film, workshops, acting gigs, and more, subscribe to my newsletter. It covers what this blog used to cover, and more.


3 thoughts on “Asking for Help

  1. Hi Lisa, do you have any in person weekend workshops planned? (I might have missed it on your list.) Even a three-day gig. I would be totally down for that. Cheers, Scott

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    1. Hi Scott, not doing in-person yet but hope to in the Fall. Meanwhile there’s the 6-week online one on Sundays starting in April. Would love to see you in my workshop!


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